Location: St. Catherines ParkLucan

Contractor: Euro Services

Designer: Kelvin Batey



25th April 2014 Is that grass we see? Fencing is starting to go in. Not long now!


12th April 2014 The ProStart safety gate is in and working.

9th April 2014 The guys from ProStart gates in France arrive on site and start to install the gate.

28th March 2014 Concrete shuttering for the start gate is complete. Surface on track is finessed.

21st March 2014 The serious work on the start hill and gate is underway. Drainage stone is all down.

14th March 2014 Almost there now. Start hill and berm 2 to tar. Gate arrives in April. Fence, power and water next.

5th March 2014 Final shaping done (mostly) and surface going on.

25th February 2014 3rd and 4th straight coming along nicely.

19th February 2014 lots of work on jumps happening but still shaping to do, third straight got going today. Video does not convey the scale …

17th February 2014 more work on jumps, shaping and layers of stone.

14th February 2014 fourth straight coming together, some shaping still to do. Berm 2 rises from the ground.

31st January 2014 Jumps slowly appearing, weather has not been ideal!

23rd January 2014 First Berm is almost done.

20th January 2014 First layer of tar going on to the monstrous first berm.

17th January 2014 First bike on the track for some berm testing. Berm 1 gets some more shaping for tar.

16th January 2014 Berm 3 gets a coat of Tarmac … big day! Start Hill gets a little higher along with some shaping.

10th January 2014 Important but unsexy stuff like drainage is complete. Berms 1 and 3 get some shape. Are they some jumps appearing?

29th November 2013 Start hill reaches 5 meters.

20th November 2013 The four straights are laid out, first and third berms started.