Why do I need to pay to join the Lucan BMX Club?

Lucan BMX Club have been tasked with running the Lucan BMX Facility by Fingal County Council. Fingal CC have no responsibility for track or site maintenance (area on track side of fence). All facility upkeep, tools, first aid, administration and race equipment, utilities (electricity and  water), Public Liability Insurance (for non riders) etc. are the responsibility of the club. In order to meet this responsibility there must be a modest fee to use the facility.

If you are already a member of another BMX Club or simply do not want to join Lucan BMX Club you can use the facility for a small fee each time you attend. All fees are designed to cover club expenditures. All club officials are volunteers who give up their time free of charge, the club is strictly NON PROFIT. See our MEMBERSHIP section for more information.


Why do I need a Cycling Ireland license?

All official Cycling Clubs in Ireland need to register with Cycling Ireland in order to meet the national standard for membership, accreditation for tracks and insurance for the riders. While BMX is a great sport for all ages, it is vital that every rider who is on the Lucan BMX Track is insured and this is what a Cycling Ireland license gives you.

The cost of a license for the vast majority of the users (youth) for a full year (Jan-Dec) is only €10 (at time of print).  For more information on Cycling Ireland licenses see the BMX Ireland website HERE. Sign up for a Cycling Ireland license HERE.


Why do I need a Full Face Helmet, Gloves, long sleeves and long pants?

The simple answer here is for your safety. The surface of a BMX track is hard and it’s only a matter of time until you have a fall, the basic level of protection is the difference between you or your child getting back on the bike and continuing on or a trip to the Emergency Room. Any exposed skin will get badly cut in a high speed fall and an open face helmet will not protect your face while a full face one does an excellent job of this.

In addition to the minimum level of protection we would suggest you also have knee and elbow pads. Other protection such as chest, back, hip and shoulder pads are also available. See HERE for more information.


Can I just turn up to the track when it’s open and ride my bike?

Once you pay the entry fee or membership, have a valid Cycling Ireland license and a suitable bike you will have to be Accredited by a club official. This is a simple task and purely for the riders safety. We will make sure that you have basic bike control, good balance and can cycle standing up.  A club official will also explain the different sections of the track and general track safety.


Why can’t I use my Scooter / Skateboard / Rollerblades / Road Bike / Motorbike / RC Car on the track?

BMX Race Tracks are designed specifically for BMX racing, coaching, practice and training. It would either be too dangerous for the users of the items in question or they would damage the surface of the track which is expensive and time consuming to repair.


Why can I not ride the track whenever I want?

For the safety and enjoyment of everybody it is vital that you only ride the track with proper club supervision. If the track is not officially open you will not be insured.

Most of the club volunteers have full time jobs so it is just not possible to open the track all the time. The more reliable club volunteers we have means more opening times. If you feel you are a responsible adult with time to help please email the club at [email protected]


If you still have questions after reading this please contact us at [email protected]